School Holiday Cruises 2024 / 2025

School Holiday Cruises are one of the most popular periods for cruising. A chance when the whole family can get together and enjoy a break from study and the daily 9 to 5. Securing a school holiday cruise however takes some forward thinking and careful planning. Prices tend to be a little higher during this time as demand is generally greater than other periods throughout the year. So to get you started with your advanced planning below are the dates for the upcoming school holidays in New Zealand.

When are the New Zealand School Holidays

School Holidays Starts Finishes
Term 1 Holidays 10 Apr 2020 24 Apr 2020
Term 2 Holidays 6 Jul 2020 17 Jul 2020
Term 3 Holidays 28 Sep 2020 9 Oct 2020
Term 4 Holidays (Secondary) 21 Dec 2020  
Term 4 Holidays (Primary) 21 Dec 2020  

When should you take your School Holiday Cruise?

Christmas and New Year periods are generally a great time to get the family together for that long awaited holiday. The weather is usually amazing with long stretches of warm weather perfect for enjoying a poolside sunbake and dip in the pool. Parents can enjoy a cocktail on the upper deck, while the children soak up the activities onboard where waterslides, sports centres, and games rooms are in abundance. You'll need to try to have a Christmas Cruise organised early in the year to get a well priced fare. As the departure date approaches the cruise liners jack up the prices. Look out for sales published throughout the year and if all the requirements are right, send through a free enquiry to get the ball rolling and your cabin secured.

Other periods popular for school holidays include the Easter period, and September / October period. Easter is a great choice with prices usually a little less expensive than Christmas and New Year, and the weather is usually perfect with mild temperatures in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. The September / October School Holidays are also a great time for a cruise with warmer weather in our region after the colder months have passed.

For international cruises during the school holidays, there are an abundance of choices depending on your tastes and budget. For smaller budgets, head over to Australia for a cruise from Sydney up the Queensland coastline or a larger budget could have you sailing the Mediterranean, Caribbean, or on an Alaskan adventure. For international cruises make sure you have all your your passports ready and work holidays booked in early to ensure a smooth process.

How to book a School Holiday Cruise

Search our list of cruise deals by departure date and chosen destinations. Our cruise finder allows you to sort by price, and filter by cruise liner and number of nights. Shortlist a few options to keep them handy if you accidently leave the site. Once you've found some options send through as many enquiries as you wish free of charge. Our friendly booking staff will review your options and organise to place a hold for a cabin. We also provide personal services for larger groups of 5 or more cabins. Once you've decided all you need to do is provide payment (or in some cases a small deposit) and you're on your way.