Auckland's Queen's Wharf Port Extension wins approval

queens wharf

An agreement has finally been made for the controversial extension of Auckland's Queen's Wharf after an independent panel saw "positive economic and social benefits" for the New Zealand Cruise industry. The project will allow the berthing of larger cruise ships with the addition of a 90m fixed gangway and two 15m by 15m concrete mooring structures fixed to the seabed. The approval for the extension includes a range of environmental conditions and best practices.

Quick Guide to Cruise Ship Cabins

Crystal Endeavor Deluxe

So you’ve finally found the perfect cruise ship for your next Cruise from New Zealand or International Port… and you’re overwhelmed with excitement. But you realised while you’re booking that there are actually a lot of cabin rooms to choose from and you have no idea what they are. Now what?

Choosing a cabin on a cruise ship may not as be as simple as you think. There are many things to consider: Cost, location, floor area, storage space, and more.

Top 10 Cruises from Auckland


Going on a cruise from Auckland is an excellent way to enjoy your much-awaited holiday. Whether you’re looking for a short cruise or a longer expedition type cruise, you will never run out of options. You can book a 3 night cruise around New Zealand, a 10 to 14-day island hopping cruise to the Polynesian Islands, or even a 3 month long world cruise. It’s up to you. Whatever you have in mind for this year or next year, there is certainly a cruise that is meant for you.